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During ten years with Bechtel I built an airport in Qatar, motorways and bridges in Albania, aluminium smelters in Canada, refineries in Guinea and copper concentrators in Chile. I've had amazing exposure to some of the best people in construction and I am now hoping to leverage some of these experiences as we build out Rhumbix. I'm passionate about finding pragmatic solutions to ongoing industry challenges to move the needle on construction productivity.
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Improving Construction Productivity Through Benchmarking

Posted by Guy Skillett on 4/24/17 3:11 PM

Benchmarking has long been an important tool for any business looking to improve their overall performance. The process itself involves measurement and comparison to certain standards with the goal of supporting systematic improvements in productivity.

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Topics: Construction Management, Construction Productivity

An Introduction to Big Data in Construction

Posted by Guy Skillett on 2/14/17 1:44 PM


It’s no secret that data is transforming business. Big data is a term that we hear a lot about, and new and innovative uses of data are cropping up every day in every industry. It reflects the massive growth in the quantity of available and relevant data in society, industry and business, and how data can improve decision making.

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Topics: Big Data & Construction, Construction Technology, Construction Management

Workforce Telematics: An Introduction

Posted by Guy Skillett on 1/24/17 2:15 PM

At Rhumbix we are building a Workforce Telematics platform for the construction industry. A quick Google search suggests that there isn’t much out there to describe what Workforce Telematics is, or what it can be, so in this summary I’ll attempt to do just that.

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Topics: Big Data & Construction, Construction Technology, Workforce Telematics

6 Questions You Should Be Asking About Field Data and the Future of Construction

Posted by Guy Skillett on 1/18/17 3:02 PM
At Rhumbix, we believe that better data will be the foundation for operational improvements in the construction industry. We hear a lot about innovation, automation, big data and digital disruption in general, but what does this mean for the people with boots on the ground and at the construction work face? 
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Topics: Big Data & Construction

3 Considerations When Looking for New Tech to Improve Construction Data

Posted by Guy Skillett on 10/7/16 10:05 AM

Construction lags behind most sectors when it comes to information technology spending. But changing from manual, paper-based processes to digitization isn’t as simple as flipping a switch — how do we move away from legacy systems and determine a clear return on investment?

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Topics: Big Data & Construction, Construction Technology

Measuring Construction Project Success

Posted by Guy Skillett on 4/13/16 10:05 AM

Rhumbix is based in San Francisco, where it seems that every neighborhood is dotted with cranes or scaffolding. For most people, a successful construction project is simply one that is completed. They consider construction a nuisance because it slows traffic or is a loud distraction outside their window and are therefore relieved when the project is complete and life returns to normal. But in reality, there is so much more that goes into creating and delivering successful projects.

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Topics: Construction Management, Data Science

Designing for the Workforce: #meetrhumbix interview with Erik Herschend

Posted by Guy Skillett on 2/23/16 10:05 AM

Our #meetrhumbix interview this week is with Erik Herschend, Creative Director. Check out what he has to say about the iterative design process involved in building tech for construction. 

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Topics: #meetrhumbix, Construction Technology

From the Construction Site to the Classroom: #meetrhumbix interview with Forest Peterson

Posted by Guy Skillett on 2/15/16 10:05 AM

Our #meetrhumbix series continues this week with Forest Peterson, whose lengthy background in construction gives him incredible perspective on the worker experience.

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Topics: #meetrhumbix, Construction Technology, Craft Workers

#meetrhumbix interview with Jon Goncalves

Posted by Guy Skillett on 1/12/16 10:05 AM

We’re continuing our #meetrhumbix series today sharing an interview with Jon Goncalves. Jon has been a member of our engineering team since the early days and shares some fun memories of our very first prototype.

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Topics: #meetrhumbix, Construction Technology

#meetrhumbix interview with Michael Myers, Data Scientist

Posted by Guy Skillett on 1/4/16 10:05 AM

To kick off the New Year, we are starting a series called #meetrhumbix to introduce you to the amazing individuals that are part of our team. This week’s interview is with Michael Myers our Data Scientist. Read on to find out how Michael transitioned from academia to construction.

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Topics: Big Data & Construction, #meetrhumbix, Data Science

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