Safety Compliance and New OSHA Rule

Posted by Stephanie Patterson on 6/14/17 2:55 PM

A year ago, OSHA introduced a new rule to protect construction workers from the potential dangers of airborne crystalline silica on job sites. With the deadline for compliance approaching next week on June 23, 2017, it’s important for construction firms to have a clear plan in place for how they will remain compliant to the new standard.

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Topics: Workplace Safety, Craft Workers

Remember the Dead — Fight for the Living

Posted by Forest Peterson, Labor Rep for Rhumbix on 4/28/16 10:05 AM

Image courtesy of AFL-CIO

Today is Workers’ Memorial Day. A day set aside every year to remember those who have been killed or injured while working, and take a stand for increased safety measures for all workers.

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Topics: Workplace Safety, Craft Workers

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