How Mobile Timekeeping Unlocks Field Productivity

Posted by Stephanie Patterson, Rhumbix Insider on 7/13/17 10:21 AM

When Rhumbix first started looking into the construction productivity problem, it became clear very quickly that timekeeping data was foundational to understanding labor productivity. Recently Guy Skillett, our Director of Construction Innovation, unpacked this topic on CONEXPO-CON/AGG Radio with host Peggy Smedley.

In this 15-minute interview, Guy touches on some of the original inspiration for the Rhumbix platform, why we chose timekeeping as our key measure for productivity and the other factors that play into successful adoption of field technology. What follows is a quick summary.

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Topics: Big Data & Construction, Workforce Telematics, Labor Costs

2017 Mid-Year Recap: Our 5 Most Popular Posts

Posted by Stephanie Patterson, Rhumbix Insider on 7/11/17 12:32 PM

We always enjoy seeing which articles from our blog get read and shared the most. It’s a great way to stay connected to the challenges that are top of mind for our customers. As we look back over the first half of 2017, there are 5 clear winners that we think are worth highlighting for the insight they give around what construction professionals are thinking about.

So without further ado, our Top 5 Posts of 2017, with brief summaries of each one. Enjoy! And click through to read the full text.

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Topics: Big Data & Construction, Construction Technology, Labor Costs, Construction Innovation

​The High Costs of Manual Field Collection

Posted by Stephanie Patterson, Rhumbix Insider on 3/29/17 2:57 PM

Labor is the largest and least understood cost on construction projects, typically making up at least 50% of the budget. The industry thinks about labor as a fixed cost, one that you don't have much control over. But if you look more closely at what makes up your labor budget, you'll find many soft costs which CAN be optimized (by going paperless and using digital timecards, for example), allowing for more production time—which means higher profits.

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Topics: Construction Management, Labor Costs

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